The Bedazzled World of Sara Shakeel

by Andy SmithPosted on

Collage artist Sara Shakeel infuses our world with a surreal dose of glitter and diamonds. From bedazzling what some would call “imperfections” on the body to adding glitz to already-tempting fast-food item, the artist’s embellishments take on varying roles in her work. In a more direct statement: The Pakistani artist says that “each picture heals a part of me and i hope it heals a part of you too.”

The artist’s work has also delved into the sculptural. On the below piece, the artist says this: “At a young age, we may have dared to dream and imagine of the beauty the world can hold while enjoying a delicious meal prepared by our parents and as we’ve grown older, this is a place where we may make important decisions while watching our children grow. For me, sitting across the dinner table every day, zoning in and out of the conversations and submerging into my world of creativity is part of who I am today.”

See more of her work below and find her on the web here.

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