The Sci-Fi-Infused Installations of James Moore

by Andy SmithPosted on

James Moore’s futuristic installations blend elements of sci-fi, light experimentation, and post-apocalyptic visions. He uses massive cybernetic characters and gridwork to toy with perspectives in the room his work inhabits. And in recent work, blends 3D sculpture with those illusionary tactics.

“His practice centers on the connective threads between humanity, technology and spirituality, rupturing traditional narratives of post-apocalyptic and cyber-utopic fantasies,” a recent statement says. “His installation work spans a multitude of mediums and practices, ranging from large scale murals, to futuristic sculpture castings, tattooing, painting, art directing, and techno event design, the crossing of fine art, brand collaborations, and hyper engagement with underground art culture, all seamlessly informing each other in a feedback loop.”

Moore will have an installation in the upcoming End to End Festival in Charlotte, N.C., at Camp North End (May 10-11). See more of his recent installations and projects below.

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