Telmo Miel Show New Mural, Paintings at Kirk Gallery

by Andy SmithPosted on

Telmo Miel just completed a new mural as part of Kirk Gallery‘s Out in the Open 2019 festival, which accompanies their solo show at the Denmark space. The duo, comprised of Dutch artists Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann, are known for wowing inside and outside of galleries with their vibrant figurative works. Their solo show, “Exquisite Waste of Time,” runs through June 8. Telmo Miel was last featured on here.

On their new mural and show, which reflect on the impatience that goes along with contemporary living, they said this “Every loss of minutes feels as a waste. Feelings aren’t always correct. Sometimes I find myself worrying about the driver in front of me doing 100 while he’s allowed to do 130. Or people standing in front of the entrance of a store not knowing to go left or right. Annoying as that can be, I always remind myself to take a breath because haste is often egocentric. We love efficiency, because time is short. But short does not mean it’s worse than less short… More time does not mean better time. So let’s keep this short and sweet, so it doesn’t feel as a waste. Let’s just try to make any waste of time feel like an exquisite one.”

See more of their recent work below.

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