The Cross-Dimensional Murals of Sebastian Coolidge

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The wild public works of muralist Sebastian Coolidge transport passers-by to a cartoonish world that has notes of both classic animation and Lowbrow art. The Florida-based artist has recently painted walls in Kansas City, his native state, Reno, and beyond. As seen below, a recent project at a festival also showed a knack for crafting interactive works.

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Damn what a fun time trying something so new to me. Huge huge shout to @reggaeriseup_florida mostly @coolfauxhawkbro for letting me try something like this. I guess it’s basically a puppet face. It was really cool to see so many people playing with the interactive bit. At one point a little line formed and a girl came up to me and said “is this the line to use this?” That was Crazy to me. . One thing that really hit me was when someone asked “can adults do it?” And i jokingly said “no way man it’s only for kids, but it doesn’t matter what age you are” and i think this is kind of a life motto for me. I want everyone to feel like that. Thanks to everyone that stopped by to “use” it and play. Next time there will be more to do on it i kept it pretty simple for the first one like this. Also if anyone wants to scoop this for their personal art collection DM me Love you guys 🙏🛸❤️ @joeytraum @vaughn_carrick @reggaeriseup_florida @olesonart @christophermaslow @zulupainter1 Also john that i just met and helped me set this bitch up in the crazy ocean wind 🙏🙏 @hoxxoh @officialpucho @therealmelpoz @beyonotbayo @erthink @saintpaintarts the most important @mindfulmama__ for being the best mama and helping me find time to work on this and @michelekcmo for having me love you mom wish u and @jadencold could have come

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“It happens so organically that I really don’t have a process,” he told Huffington Post in 2017. “I think of an idea and I draw it out then try to recreate it the best way possible, as far as the final product goes. Some don’t even have a sketch. I love being in the moment and not having a sure way of doing anything. Everything is a surprise for me as well. I’m learning with every piece.”

See more of Coolidge’s work below.

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