Andrey Remnev’s Stirring, Elegant Paintings

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Russian painter Andrey Remnev pulls from both centuries-old approaches and current, graphical influences. Yet, the artist says, the material he uses are decidedly classical in nature: “As painters of the past, I use natural pigments bound with egg yolk.” Remnev was last featured on here.

The artist shares some on his home country and its impact on his work: “In the museum of Moscow’s St. Andronic Monastery I copied the best examples of the old Russian painting of the 15th-17th centuries. My own style evolved from the ancient icon painting, Russian art of the 18th century, the compositional innovations of the World of Art group and Russian Constructivism.” See more of Remnev’s recent work below.

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🔸 Chiromancy The composition was born in the ordinary way. The dark figures overlap the light figure so that the silhouette of the light resembles the ancient Greek herm. It is a type of sculpture, a post with the image of the head. Herms served as landmarks and, since the XVI century, as decorative garden sculptures. Out of this the image of a warrior appears who tempts his fate, asking the Gypsies to tell him his fortune. 🔸 Хиромантия Композиция родилась из формального хода. Светлая фигура перекрывается темными фигурами таким образом, что силуэт светлой напоминает древне-греческую герму. Это вид скульптуры, столб, который завершается изображением головы. Гермы служили межевыми знаками, а с XVI ­ — декоративными парковыми скульптурами. Получился образ воина, который испытывает свою судьбу, прося цыганок погадать ему. #painting #andreyremnev #андрейремнев #strelkaexhibition

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