The Acrylic Paintings of Chen Fei

by Andy SmithPosted on

Chen Fei’s sharp acrylic paintings carry dark humor and allusions to art history. The China native’s crisp linework borrows from pop art and comic book sensibilities, yet much of these references harken back to centuries-old work. And much of the work carries the artist’s own figure, rendered in both graceful and shameful situations.

“Chen Fei’s narrative paintings are fantasized, often perverted, constructs transposing elements from his personal life into either surrealistic or hyperrealistic pastiches,” a statement says. “While he belongs to the post-1980 generation of Chinese artists raised under the one-child policy, whose overall aesthetics influenced by mainstream culture (notably manga and anime) is typically concerned with the self rather than grand history, a remarkably sharp sense of black humor informs his vibrant, ego-centered visions.”

See more of his work below.

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