Horacio Quiroz Offers New Paintings, Installation in ‘Polarities’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Horacio Quiroz’s rich, disconcerting oil paintings manipulate and toy with the human form. In an upcoming show at Booth Gallery, “Polarities,” his latest experimentations are displayed, whether on the canvas or in an installation of works on paper (including poems, sketches, and more). Quiroz appeared in Hi-Fructose Volume 46 and was last featured on HiFructose.com here.

The gallery provides some background on Quiroz’s path to fine art: “After decade in the advertising industry, he began his journey into painting,” it says. “In 2013, driven by a passion for the visual arts he decided to leave behind advertising and to devote himself entirely to being an artist. Over the last five years, he has launched himself into a new career path, experimenting with various techniques of pictorial representation, formats and themes, which have guided how he define my vision and identity as an artist.”

The show runs Sept. 7-Oct. 20 at the New York City space. See more of his work in “Polarities” below.

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