Sasha Frolova’s Inflatable Ode to Marie Antoinette

by Andy SmithPosted on

Artist and performer Sasha Frolova is known for crafting synthetic experience, teeming with color and pop. Inside France’s Etretat Gardens, she recently staged an ode to Marie Antoinette (and her love of oysters) with her signature, inflatable fashion pieces, such as towering, faux hairdos, form-fitting suits, and in this case, a “a inflatable “boudoir-trampoline.” (Frolova is featured in the upcoming Hi-Fructose: New Contemporary Fashion, which you can read more about here.)

“With my friends, dancers and musicians, we will wander all weekend in the gardens of Etretat the pages and ladies of Marie Antoinette,” she told the newspaper Paris-Normandie, as translated. “I created especially for this exhibition an inflatable giant boudoir in the shape of an oyster shell to pay homage to Marie-Antoinette and the parks she had had installed in Étretat. She had oysters brought to Versailles every week. I play Marie-Antoinette in her latex cyber-princess crinoline dress. We distribute macaroons to visitors wandering among them.”

See more scenes from her events below.

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