Dan Gluibizzi’s Analog Recreations of Social Media Posts

by Andy SmithPosted on

Dan Gluibizzi takes digital images from social media and creates analog interpretations that highlight “both the open possibilities and dark edges of online community life.” He uses watercolors and acrylics to interpret the figures. In a new show at Russo Lee Gallery in Portland, titled “Together we follow,” the artist’s latest recreations of images from the Internet are shown. The artist was last featured on HiFructose.com here.

“Gluibizzi’s analog rendering of sexual, nude, or semi-nude digital images employ line and subtle washes to transform the mundane into the charmingly erotic,” a statement says. “He creates works on paper that are often hand cut, and break the boundaries of traditionally framed spaces. For many of these images, it will be the first and only time, excepting their origins in the real world, that they will exist outside the digital realm, lending the quality of uniqueness to that which is actually replicated.”

The show runs through the end of the month at the gallery. See more works from the exhibition below.

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