Davor Gromilovic’s Fantastical, Wild Scenes

by Andy SmithPosted on

Serbian artist Davor Gromilovic draws and paints fantastical scenes, mixing influences and moods with both a sense of wonder and danger. He’s able to navigate all eras with an absorbing sense of detail, featuring Cro-Magnon characters and futuristic swashbucklers. All have a tinge of humor within kinetic, theatrical displays.

“His work is narrative and often inspired by folk-art, fantastic motives of fairy tales, music, cultural heritage, as well as by his personal experiences and inner world,” a statement says. “In his work one notices a dominant use of symbols, his inner world and complex reflections from which he develops his ideas and specific intimate aesthetics. Complex, but at the same time purified, strongly imaginative but well-thought-out works adorn this artist’s rich oeuvre.”

See more of Gromilovic’s work below.

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