Emily Blythe Jones Crafts Mixed-Media, Multi-Dimensional Portraits

by Andy SmithPosted on

Emily Blythe Jones combines painting and sculpture in a way that feels both universally nostalgic and intimate. The Los Angeles-based artist crafts portraits, with 2D and 3D peeks into the past “inspired by an inherited family archive of photographs, oral histories and other ephemera from her Midwestern background.”

“Memories are reconstituted into the tangible and family history is woven into new allegories about a struggle to make sense of the world,” a statement says. “Glimpsing into the generations that shaped her existence, she juxtaposes the present and past of gender politics, identity and culture, and reflects on a collective history adapting to the compression and expansion of time and space. The paintings and sculptures function not only as contemplative tokens of intangible, invisible moments in her past, but also as new paths for negotiating an ever-tenuous present.”

Jones was recently inducted into membership at the Monte Vista Projects in Los Angeles, an artist-run space. Her works have been shown across the U.S.

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