Coco Bergholm’s Paintings Explore Camouflage, Urban Narratives

by Andy SmithPosted on

The acrylic paintings of Coco Bergholm explore the idea of camouflage in an urban context. Recent paintings, in particular, see the Berlin-based artist using pops of color, differing textures, and graffiti to explore this notion. A new show at Germany’s Affenfaust Galerie, titled “Echoes,” collects these new works.

“The urban space around us contains a mass of changing signs and socio-cultural codes,” says a recent statement, translated from German. “[The show ‘Echoes’ is] dedicated to subtle communication structures, the ones we sometimes only notice at second glance. She uses the means of camouflage, which she uses in her work as a kind of cover to sharpen the view of inconsistencies and self-contradictions of our social patterns. Which facets of camouflage and privacy does the public—i.e., open—space offer? What potential does he have for exchange, communication and opinion forming?”

See more of the artist’s work below.

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