Superfine! Fair Headed to New York City

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James Miille

Superfine! NYC 2017 is the first rendition of the Superfine! art fair to hit New York, bringing nine gallery booths and 30 indie artist positions to the Meatpacking District. The event subverts the typical fair, opting for a hyper-curated environment over stuffy warehouses. Founders Alex Mitow and James Miille say they created Superfine! as a “reaction to the overall trend of the art market, which we felt was becoming a bit exclusive and stale and ultimately not serving the needs of the artists who depend on steady sales and a constant stream of new collectors to sustain themselves.”

Naoaki Funayama

Philip Sladek

Nadav Gazit

“Our goal is to make the collecting experience more accessible to a new market of art lovers while also presenting a developed and sophisticated presentation that appeals to more established collectors who’ve very admittedly grown tired of the miles upon miles of wide aisles, white walls, and repetitive artwork,” Miille says. “Superfine! is always a little bit sexier and a little bit more vibe-y but without losing focus on the artwork itself and the people who create and present it. The stereotypical ‘gallerist hiding behind a Macbook’ quickly weeds themselves out of our network and we’re left with incredibly professional, incredibly passionate people who actually love the artwork they’re showing.”

Kenneth Burris

Seth Clark


The tightly curated line-up of artists includes Andrew Dykes, Sara Zaher, Sean O’Connor, Naoaki Funayama, Wade Asa, and several more. Exhibiting galleries include Miami’s Art Gaysel, New York’s Con Artist Collective, Pittsburgh’s Box Heart Gallery, and several others. Check out the entire lineup here.

Ashley G Garner

Tyler Whitlock

William P Immer

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