Amy Guidry’s Surreal Paintings Touch on Life, Death, and Nature

by Andy SmithPosted on

Amy Guidry, a North Carolina-born, Louisiana-based artist, crafts surreal acrylic works on canvas that often tie the human psyche to the natural world. Series like “In Our Veins” moves into the concepts of survival, life and death, and destruction. It’s in these works that Guidry seems to highlight the inherent beauty of flora and fauna and the strangeness buried within humanity.

“My interest in art and psychology continues to influence my work,” Guidry says. “With surrealism being the grand marriage of the two, I was naturally drawn to every aspect behind the movement. Themes I explore involve the human psyche, who we are and how we interact with each other, and the world we live in- our relationship with other animals and nature, as well as the cycle of life and connections between all life forms. I work in series, each painting has its own message, with the overall concept conveying respect for all of nature and humanity.”

Guidry’s been featured in shows and exhibitions across the U.S. He work is part of collections at Alexandria Museum of Art, The City of Slidell, and the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art.

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