Hi-Fructose Volume 42 Preview!

by Andy SmithPosted on

Tara McPherson

The 42nd volume of Hi-Fructose will be here in January, 2017! Pre-order the issue here. You can also subscribe to Hi-Fructose here.

Tara McPherson

Christian Rex Van Minnen

Featured in this issue is: A cover feature on the paintings of Tara McPherson, the Beyond Grotesque paintings of Christian Rex Van Minnen, the latest work from muralist and painter Andrew Schoultz, an exclusive interview with Alex Pardee, the pop mash-up wooden sculptures of Mike Leavitt, the animal/human hybrid paintings of Matthew Grabelsky, Brazilian sculptor Monica Piloni, painter and illustrator Moon Chanpil, the mysterious sculptures of Philip Jackson, and a review of French illustrator Jean Julien‘s latest monograph, plus a 16-page Ello X Hi-Fructose Emerging Artists Showcase!

Alex Pardee

Mike Leavitt

Matthew Grabelsky

Monica Piloni

Moon Chanpil

Andrew Schoultz

All existing subscribers as of 12/6/16, and the next 800 subscribers, will also receive a copy of the Hi-Fructose exclusive, “Good Morning! An Ultra-Cute Killering Book” by Alex Pardee. This 8X10, 24 page black and white coloring book printed on rough tooth paper is perfect to take your frustrations out on. The “Killering Book” will arrive with the next delivery of your subscription.

Alex Pardee

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