Douglas Hoekzema’s Engrossing Murals Tear Through Reality

by Andy SmithPosted on

Miami’s Douglas Hoekzema, also known as Hoxxoh, creates murals that do more than absorb the gaze of the viewer. Nearby objects appear as though they can be pulled into the artist’s latest, hyperdimensional works. Hoekzema has long been fascinated with the concept and rendering of time in his art. He was last featured on here (and check out his Instagram here).

This latest work was created for POW! WOW! DC, an extension of an international art movement that invites artists from all over to create murals in the NoMa neighborhood in Washington, D.C. Like previous pieces, Hoekzema’s latest mixes bright hues and hypnotic layers.

In an interview with ArtSlant, Hoekzema talked about how a background in architecture aided his evolution as an artist in more than just conceptualization: “The study of architecture helped me to develop a strong work ethic, to create prolific work, and most importantly to analyze the outcome of the techniques and react to the nuisances that I discovered by continuing it onto the next piece,” he said.

The artist’s 2D work can be just as absoribing, with a combination of geometric and organic shapes enveloping each other. The result, like his mural, is otherworldly.

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