Dave Lebow’s Imaginative Paintings Blend Pulp and Fantasy

by CaroPosted on

Southern California based artist Dave Lebow walks a line between classical painting and fantasy art. Perhaps best known as the real-life painter behind Showtime series Dexter character “Travis”, Lebow admits that he has always liked strange subject matter. His oil paintings have the sensitivity and attention to detail of realism, yet they are also mystical, racy and even titillating. They depict a realm inhabited by beautiful, sexy women, both warriors and damsels in distress, and absurd creatures of the night.

“I’m attracted to subject matter from the world of pulp illustration, other worldly realms of fantasy, drama and horror as well as classical illustration and realism,” Lebow says. Despite the darkness in his work, there’s something bright and wonderful about Lebow’s brand of insanity where figures appear in both ordinary and out-of-this world places. Whether at the dining room table or in outer space, something unexpected always happens: a little girl discovers a genie in the kitchen cupboard, a woman in a bar is attacked by a flying eyeball, and Ezekial’s Angels receive alien visitors.

“I love for people to create their own meaning,” Lebow says, pointing to the multitude of characters and visual elements that he applies to his scenes inorder to create a prolonged visual interest. “I want my images to grab you and drag you if not willingly, then kicking and screaming into my picture.” Dave Lebow will debut new paintings in his solo “Prime Time” opening on May 6th at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles.

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