Miami Art Week 2015: Miami Project and Art on Paper Recap

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Dave Eggers

As part of our on-going Miami Art Week coverage, we also went to check out the best of the Miami Project and Art on Paper fairs. Though previously the home of NADA, this year, the Deauville Beach Resort on South Beach played host to the neighboring sister fairs. Miami Project is now in its fourth year and known for exhibiting lesser known galleries than the monstrous Basel, while Art on Paper focused on primarily paper works, though this was not a rule strictly followed by the work on display.

Christian Rex Van Minnen

At Miami Project, one of our favorite booths was certainly Adelson Galleries, where Columbia born artist Federico Uribe had several sculptures and two-dimensional illustrations on display, composed entirely of bullet shells and other unconventional materials. Handicraft is essential to his sculptures of animals like rabbit, deer and a giant lion’s head, constructed and woven in ways that are curious, unpredictable and intricate. Down the aisle, San Francisco gallery Hashimoto Contemporary also featured several intricate works by artists Gregory Euclide and Crystal Wagner, as well as delicate tiled illustrations by Handiedan and Joel Daniel Phillip’s provoking larger than life portraits. Electric Works’ booth was papered with a display of well known author-turned-artist Dave Egger’s drawings of animals and their personalities, covered on our blog recently.

Eric Standley

In the adjacent Art on Paper, we were first greeted with a selection of new works by FAILE, featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 18, at Allouche Gallery’s booth. Many pieces by the two man art collective displayed a refreshing use of lighter graphics and white negative space, a slight departure from their eye catching collage-like imagery. In the next room, Allouche Gallery hosted a second exhibition of new works by FAILE’s collaborator, Brooklyn artist BAST. Across the way at Victori + Mo’s booth, we enjoyed Eric Standley’s intricately laser-cut sheets of paper that almost look like Art Deco architectural structures. At Denver gallery Robischon’s booth, we found a selection of new Christian Rex Van Minnen portraits, featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 25, and were introduced to the perfectly-blended blurry subjects of artist Halim Al-Karim. Take a look at more of our highlights from the Miami Project and Art on Paper fairs below.

Miami Project:

Deborah Oropallo

Keun Young Park

Keun Young Park (detail)

Julie Heffernan


Joel Daniel Phillips

Gregory Euclide

Gregory Euclide (detail)

Crystal Wagner

Crystal Wagner (detail)

Laetitia Soulier

Evan Penny

Andrew Wyeth

Federico Uribe

Federico Uribe

Jamie Wyeth

Juan Travieso

Maria Tomasula

Alan Magee

Alyssa Monks

Art on Paper:




Gilles Soudry

Muriel Moreau

Muriel Moreau (detail)

Brian Dettmer

Claire Burnbridge

Christian Rex Van Minnen

Christian Rex Van Minnen

Halim Al-Karim

Kahn + Selesnic




Richard Coleman

Toni Hamel

Katherine Melançon

Katherine Melançon

Paul Morstad

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