Peter Olson Transfers His Photography onto Ceramic Objects

by CaroPosted on

Pennsylvania based photographer Peter Olson has found a unique way of presenting his photographic prints. Also a sculptor, he doesn’t stop at traditional photo paper- his photo-montages of people and places he’s visited are produced on a series of ceramics that he calls “Photo Ceramica”. Olson’s photos are encased on each piece, left by ink from prints that, when fired, burn away and leave a permanent image from the iron oxide in the ink. The form of a three-dimensional object, such as an urn or a plate, instantly makes his photo works more dynamic and complex. For example, his piece titled “New York City Urn No. 8” presents a 360 degree portrait of the city through Olson’s eyes, from the towering Chrysler building at the tip of the piece to the hustle and bustle of New York’s Penn Station below it. Works such as this are like tiny trophies of his experiences, a union between one of history’s oldest art forms and the camera.

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