136 Contemporary Artists Invade London in “LAX/LHR” Exhibit

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Casey Weldon

We’ve been steadily following the expansion of Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles into overseas territory with their ongoing ‘LAX’ exhibition series. Their latest collaboration is with StolenSpace Gallery in London, which debuted last night, and it is perhaps their most massive at 136 artists and over 140 works of art. In the tradition of the series, “LAX/LHR” showcases an eclectic mixture from painting, mixed media, and sculptural pieces by both local and international artists alike. There is an especially heavy volume of contributors from the urban art persuasion, considering the gallery’s ties with British street artist D*Face. StolenSpace originally began as an umbrella for D*Face’s work and gradually grew to included other artists as well, who ‘stole’ the space. Stealing the space this time is a combination of local London based and international artists like Audrey Kawasaki (first featured first in HF Vol. 6 back in 2006, then on the cover of HF Vol. 25), Kwon Kyungyup (HF Vol. 24), Casey Weldon (HF Vol. 32), Hueman, Low Bros (HF Vol. 26), Nosego, and Twoone, among dozens of others. Take a look at more images from “LAX/LHR” below, and Londoners can see their works on view at StolenSpace Gallery through September 26th.

Drew Young

Atusko Goto

Kai & Sunny

Kojiro Ankan Takakuwa

Sylvia Ji

Kwon Kyungyup



KiSung Koh

Sandra Chevrier

Low Bros

Joanne Nam

Audrey Kawasaki

Chie Yoshii


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