Craig LaRotonda Presents New Works in “A Consortium of Lost Souls”

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New York based artist Craig LaRotonda creates multimedia works in a unique style reminiscent of Renaissance and Byzantine art. His detailed and layered paintings have a darkness that is matched by his sculptural pieces that look like religious relics. Opening September 4th, he will exhibit a new series of paintings and sculptures in “A Consortium of Lost Souls” at Stranger Factory in New Mexico. “It is the first time I will be showing this many sculptures since about 2003. The story is the same told through each medium. 2D work is mixed media paintings on wood panels. The 3D pieces are a unique collection of hand sculpted elements and found objects and remnants all stained with a veneer of time,” he says. LaRotonoda often pulls inspiration for his dark themes from his own psyche. As his show title suggests, his latest figurative pieces portray an eclectic gathering of “lost souls” from his usual monkeys, to cyborg shaman and other iconclastic creatures. Lost in an empty “timeless” space, they emote the gloom that comes with the cruelty of their reality. Take a look at our preview of “A Consortium of Lost Souls” by Craig LaRotonda below, courtesy of the artist.

(Work in progress)

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