Inside the Sketchbook of Comic Artist Jonathan Wayshak

by CaroPosted on

San Jose based comic book artist and “professional hater” Jonathan Wayshak draws energetic illustrations which were featured in Hi-Fructose Collected II. At his Facebook page, he writes “I draw pictures with a lot of lines and huge nipples”, but that’s a modest description of his rough and enthralling drawing style. Wayshak works with a variety of materials; brush ink, gouache, acrylic, pencil, watercolors, pens, on whatever else is handy – paper scraps and leftover cut down illustration boards or watercolor paper. He pulls his inspiration from rock music, films (a new favorite is Bobby Fischer Against the World), and of course, comic books which he says always get him pumped for the day. “I initially was inspired by Saturday morning cartoons. Caught the art bug staring at the art of Todd McFarlane and Sam Kieth. Learned to draw by watching Transformers the Movie in slow motion. Got lucky and scammed people into thinking I had skills. Got paid. Scammed more people then got paid again. Just gotta keep on keepin on,” he says. Some of his upcoming projects in the works are in collaboration with his icons, such as his comic with artist Sam Kieth, “When the Chickens Revolt”. Other notable projects include “Devolution”, a new comic with writer Rick Remender, which comes out at the end of the year, a collaboration with Hi-Fructose’s own Attaboy, and even a few gallery exhibitions. With so much on the horizon, Wayshak offers us a little sneak peek – the images below feature unfinished drawings, warm up sketches and excerpts from Wayshak’s sketchbook.

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