Bizarre Graphite Drawings of Baby-Animals by Nathalie Lagacé

by CaroPosted on

Montreal based artist Nathalie Lagacé plainly draws ties between humans and nature in her latest graphite series of hybrid baby-animals. Titled “Legacy”, her drawings portray screaming newborn babies who express the same emotional rollercoaster as our relationship to the environment. In a way, they are almost comical in their bizarre pairings of animal like babies with chicken legs and “duck lips”, others posed like a Thanksgiving turkey ready for roasting. Lagacé is quick to point out the serious undertones in her works, which delve into themes about our “stupidity”, as she describes it, and the devastating effects of our pollution and deforestation. Her subjects’ more human aspects give each a touch of innocence that seems to beg for a caretaker. Nothing surrounds them but blaring white negative space, a clear warning of Earth’s disappearing ecosystems and where that might leave us.

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