Artist Nosego Presents Mystical Multimedia Works in “Along Infinite River”

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The work of Philadelphia based artist Yis Goodwin, aka “Nosego” (covered here) is instantly recognizable for his psychedelic portrayal of animals morphing into their surroundings. Nosego’s new series leads us through the artist’s subconscious in his exhibit at Thinkspace Gallery, “Along Infinite River”. The show, which opened last Saturday, features a variety of multimedia pieces including acrylic on panel paintings, drawings and an installation of colorful wall mounted sculptures. In one painting, a snarling wolf’s head bursts into a bloom of vibrant flowers, and in another, a turtle opens it’s mouth as if it were a portal to some infinite universe; inside, there is a yawing cat, where down its throat there is tropical paradise, and so on. Different shapes and forms spill into eachother to an increasingly mystical effect.

Nosego chats with fans on the opening night of “Along Infinite River.” Photo by Mik Luxon.

Animals in Nosego’s work also hold emotional symbolism for the artist, who uses them as motifs to express his different feelings. When transmuted together, they also come to represent the never-ending connectivity that can be found within nature. Adding to the show’s celestial spirit are sculptures of alien-esque hands that seem to beckon us down the rabbit hole. With his signature touch of playfulness, Nosego follows what feels right in the moment, as he says, allowing each piece to go in its own direction.

“Along Infinite River” by Nosego is now on view at Thinkspace Gallery through August 8th.

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