Samuel Gomez Reveals New Largescale Drawings “Decrypted Savants” & “Oasis”

by CaroPosted on

New york-based Dominican artist Samuel Gomez (first featured here) creates enormous detailed renderings with a steam-punk aesthetic. Using graphite and ink, Gomez’s work offers a glimpse into a mysterious dystopian society dominated by machinery. His drawings are particularly well known for their impressive larger than life size, with some pieces measuring up to 18 feet long. His latest pieces, titled “Decrypted Savants” and “Oasis” will be revealed on July 31st at Mike Wright Gallery in Denver. Measuring at 6×4 feet and 3×9 feet respectively, together the pieces envision our future as an industrial wasteland. In “Decrypted Savants,” a face can be made out of the machine’s intricate parts, as if it has taken on a life of its own. At the center of “Oasis” is a giant heart pumped by mechanical tubes, serving as a warning to control our industry before we succumb to it. Gomez says, “I question a world where all events and affairs seem systematic and guided, yet, without a clear compass on the horizon, it’s just chaos.” Go behind the scenes of his drawings in these photos of the artist at work, below.

“Decrypted Savants”


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