Drawing Becomes Performance Art in “Draw to Perform”

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Gosia Wlodarczak

Drawing on a large scale beckons one to make large, extravagant gestures with the body that turn into a sort of dance with one’s medium. The second annual symposium “Draw to Perform” takes this idea and turns it into a two-day performance showcase where the performance is the act of drawing itself. Artists from all over the world will gather at NUM3ER in London on May 16 through May 17 to create large-scale works before the public. In addition, the event includes film screenings and artist talks.

Participating artists: Gerald Royston Curtis (UK), Dolanbay (Berlin), Poppy Jackson (UK), Ram Samocha (Israel/UK), Yara Pina (Brazil), Jordan Mckenzie (UK), Bettina Fung (Hong Kong/UK), Kevin Townsend (USA), Kellie O’Dempsey (Australia), Bertrand Flachot (France), Jennifer Wroblewski (USA), Holly Victoria Matthews (UK), Shoshanah’ Ciechanowski (Israel), John Court (UK/Finland), River Lin (Taiwan), Gosia Wlodarczak (Poland/Australia), Rachel Grant (Scotland/UK).

Bertrand Flachot

Kevin Townsend

Rachel Grant

Ram Samocha

Shoshanah’ Ciechanowski

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