Katwise Transforms Rural New York Estate into Psychedelic Dream House

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

A kaleidoscopic range of colors is part of Katwise’s M.O. The artist and designer applies a maximalist aesthetic to her paintings, murals and fashion designs, incorporating the largest amount of rainbow hues and trippy details that will fit. After hitchhiking and traveling the world with her art for years, in 2010, she acquired her Upstate New York dwelling and undertook an enormous renovation project that converted it into a veritable interactive work of art.

Dubbed Calico, the House that Sweaters Built, the house was transformed inside and out. The exterior features geometric windows and bold arrangements of jewel tones (Katwise says the adornments will continue to evolve over time) while the rooms within each have distinct color palettes and seem to be embellished with art and knickknacks from floor to ceiling.

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