Preview: “Daft Punk Deux” at Gauntlet Gallery

by Nick PizanaPosted on

Fab Ciraolo

A follow up to last year’s exhibition “Rediscovery,” San Francisco’s Gauntlet Gallery is paying homage to masked electronic music duo Daft Punk one more time with “Daft Punk Deux.” Each work in the show is inspired by the influential band in some way, be it their funky tunes or retro-futuristic aesthetic. Images of the band’s iconic robot helmets appear throughout the many of the pieces in the form of portraits that range from true-to-life to straight-up bizarre. The exhibition will feature works in a wide range of media from sculptures and paintings to digital works from more than 40 artists. “Daft Punk Deux” opens May 31 at 7 pm and will be on display through June 21.

Scott Scheidly

Cam Floyd

Chase Tafoya

Arabella Proffer


Dave Natale

John Larriva

Juan de Dios Garza Vela

Rebecca Adams

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