Mimi Scholz’s Elaborate Digital Artworks

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

German artist Mimi Scholz creates painstakingly detailed compositions dripping with pop. Opting for wide-angle shots of her imaginary worlds, Scholz renders digital artworks that begin as equally detailed drawings with pens and pencils. She colors her works using a tablet instead of a paintbrush, but the results, often printed on canvas, hand-embellished and highly varnished, closely resemble traditional oil paintings. Each piece can take several weeks to complete.

Scholz considers herself a crusader for new media, which is still in uncharted territory in the art world. With technology evolving so rapidly, some gallerists and collectors remain unsure about how today’s digital art will stand up to the test of time. Nonetheless, Scholz is determined to make her mark with digital art. Some of her pieces, when printed out, span 2.5 meters in width. Her work is hyperactive. Frequently without a central focal point, the wide compositions are filled with dynamic figures that demand the viewers’ attention from a dozen different directions. Subtle narratives can be discovered within the works when studying the surreal characters’ expressions and gestures. Take a look at some of Mimi Scholz’s work below.

Mimi Scholz is represented by Yasha Young of Urban Nation Berlin.

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