Preview: Sarah Folkman’s “The Burden of Adoration” at CHG Circa

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Sarah Folkman’s new series of paintings developed in parallel to the artist’s journey through love and the complicated feelings that inevitably arise in the process of finding a mate. The delicately-painted works on wooden surfaces will debut on February 15 in Folkman’s solo show at CHG Circa in Culver City, “The Burden of Adoration.” The body of work focuses on a maddening, unrestrained type of love: The kind of intense emotion that prompts people to do anything to protect their partners from harm but ignites a desire to annihilate them if they transgress the boundaries of the relationship.

Folkman initially began the paintings in “The Burden of Adoration” as a more intellectual exploration of these emotions, but quickly realized that this did not work well for her creative process. She is the type of painter who uses her art as a cathartic release. She sanded down her paintings and started over, this time using the series to express her own experience with love. “For the amount of time I spend on my paintings, to stay engaged, I have to feel a version of love or passion for the images — and that does seem to be restrained to the images that come about from rummaging around in my emotions,” said Folkman. “Perhaps if I hadn’t also fallen in love at around that time I might have found my way into a more emotional perspective on the initial topic, but as it was, I felt removed — a death knell.”

Sarah Folkman’s “The Burden of Adoration” will be on view February 15 through March 8 at CHG Circa.

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