Polina Soloveichik’s Folkloric Murals

by Nick PizanaPosted on

Mural in Berlin

The art of painting murals is done most effectively when the artist explores the relationship between their art and the locals who interact with the piece on a daily basis. This relationship is something of which muralist Polina Soloveichik is conscious. Although currently based in Berlin, Soloveichik was born in Russia and emigrated to the United States where she graduated from the Pratt Institute and painted her first murals in 2002. According to Soloveichik, painting gives her the ability to transform a location, giving it both life and character. Soloveichik’s pieces most commonly incorporate images of solemn women, wise birds and wispy vines, painted by hand and garnished with gold leafing. These elements, combined with her steady line work, make Soloveichik’s peices feel like a modern interpretation of antiquated medieval frescos, turning everyday walls into sights that inspire awe.

Residential building in Beelitz, Germany

Mural detail, Berlin, Germany

Office in Berlin

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