Preview: Juried Art Show at Parlor Gallery Curated by Jonathan LeVine

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Sean Mahan

Jonathan LeVine started his career in the early-’90s punk scene in New York. Curating art shows at music venues lead to the opening of several galleries until he established the well-known Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Manhattan in 2005. LeVine lent his eye for picking top-notch talent to Parlor Gallery in Ashbury Park, NJ for their first Juried Art Show. LeVine chose 21 artists from hundreds of submissions for a group show that opens November 16. The line-up includes: Tina Lugo, Tracy Deer, Percy Fortini-Wright, Jeremy Burks, Zoë Williams, Kyle Fisher, Lazarus Nazario, Sean Mahan, Hannah Yata, Jake Waldron, Darlene Foster, Andrea Heimer, Kyle Stewart, Susan Tumblety, Angel Perdomo, Bask, Andre Veloux, Owens, Dilek Baykara, Andy Dreamingwolf and Alicia Martin. Take a look at some of the work in the show below.

Kyle Stewart

Hannah Yata

Jake Waldron

Tracy Deer

Tina Lugo


Andrea Heimer

Alicia Martin

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