Opening Night: “Tetrachromatic” Group Show at Arch Enemy Arts

by Genevive ZacconiPosted on

Paintings by Peca

This past Friday, Philadelphia’s Arch Enemy Arts opened “Tetrachromatic,” a group show focusing on paintings that utilize intense color schemes. While much of the work touches on aesthetic elements of Pop Art, Surrealism and psychedelia, each of the fourteen artists in the show tackles the challenge of a contrasting palette differently, presenting viewers with vibrant imagery in a broad range styles and subject matter. The artist lineup features: Erik Jones, Jel Ena, Ricky Watts, Peca, Eric Richardson, Sarah Danielle Stewart, Archer Dougherty, Steve Cleff, Colin Frangicetto, Joshua Mays, 100taur, Paul Romano, JoKa and Michael Michael Motorcycle. View the full exhibit on the gallery’s preview page and check out opening photos by S. Jenx below.

Paintings by Paul Romano

Work by Michael Michael Motorcycle

Steve Cleff with his work

JoKa in front of his art

Patrick Shillenn, Lawren Alice, JoKa, Paul Romano, Steve Cleff, Michael Michael Motorcycle, Colin Frangicetto and Noah Musher

Painting by Archer Dougherty

Painting by Joshua Mays

JoKa photographs artwork by 100taur

Art by Jel Ena

Gallery guests view work by Sarah Danielle Stewart

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