Alicia Martin Lopez Visualizes Psychological Monsters

by Jessica RossPosted on

The darkness of our inner demons has always fascinated Alicia Martin Lopez. Her work demonstrates the kind of freakish interior of our psychological state, made real by her even weirder figures. Working in both oil paint and digital media, Martin sets out to find the beauty within a sea of darkness. Her subjects hover in an alternate plane, in some gassy atmosphere that creatures from the black lagoon might inhabit. To her, however, these extraterrestrial individuals represent the tension we all face in every day life. The kind of common-place trials of emotional baggage. These foreign monsters are not monsters at all. She said, “They are like a seed planted in us wishing desperately to germinate. Watered correctly, it can thrive in beautiful ways.”

Most of her subjects look as though they reside in some science fiction story, or within the very dark abyss of the deepest ocean. All sorts of abnormal tentacles, limbs, and fleshy appendages not only lend to their odd nature but also contribute to their overall creepiness. Alicia Martin’s work is both strange and hauntingly beautiful all at the same time. Take a look at her work below.

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