Preview: “The Pond, The Mirror, The Kaleidoscope” Group Show

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Rachel Pontious

The School of Visual Arts in New York — where many artists we’ve covered in print and online, such as James Jean, Mu Pan and Martin Wittfooth, got their start — is hosting an alumni showcase titled “The Pond, The Mirror, The Kaleidoscope” on August 20. The artists featured in the show, including the aforementioned three and many others, were chosen because they continue to work in the Symbolist tradition. “Like the Symbolists, today’s neo-Symbolists are arguably eccentric and obsessive, and they use low-tech methods to tell new stories to new audiences,” said curator Thomas Woodruff. “They make art that is intellectually surprising, brimming with visions of the world as it is—or how it could be. And like the Symbolists, they are sometimes dismissed as ‘mere illustrators’ because they work in a figurative tradition.”

The complete line-up of artists includes: Jean-Pierre Arboleda, James Bascara, George Boorujy, Michael Combs, Steve Ellis, Scott Harrison, James Jean, Mark Lang, Sakura Maku, TM Davy, Alison Moritsugu, Timothy Okamura, Mu Pan, Rachel Pontious, Lane Twitchell, Martin Wittfooth, and Jason Yarmosky. Make sure to check out the show at SVA’s Visual Arts Gallery from August 20 through September 14. Take a look at our preview of the exhibition below, images courtesy of SVA.

James Jean

Jean-Pierre Arboleda

Martin Wittfooth

George Boorujy

Mark Lang

Timothy Okamura

Mu Pan

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