Preview: Scott Campbell’s “Things Get Better” at OHWOW

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“Mechanical” isn’t typically a word used to describe watercolors, but Scott Campbell‘s series of ink wash paintings gleam with the metallic precision of the objects he illustrates. Inspired by the spirit of human ingenuity, Campbell (featured in our current issue, Hi-Fructose Vol. 27) began the series of paintings of MacGyver-esque inventions when he was working on a project in Mexico City. During his stay there, he was exposed to Mexican prison tattoo culture and observed the elaborate and unexpected mechanisms inmates created to surmount restrictions in the name of body modification. For this series, Campbell chose ink wash painting for the inherent restrictions it imposes on his creative process — the ink brought forth intense focus and precision, as each mark placed on the page is permanent and nearly impossible to conceal. Campbell’s solo show, “Things Get Better,” will open May 23 at OHWOW in L.A. and will run through June 22. Take a look at some of the works in the show below.


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