Preview: Alison Blickle’s “The History of Magic, Part I… The Hermitage”

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

In her oil paintings, Alison Blickle sets a mood that hearkens back to the early 20th century — the days of bohemian youths, orientalist fashions and the birth of the avant-garde in Europe. Blickle mixes hints of anachronistic imagery with abstract, textile-inspired patterns, dissolving her glamorous female protagonists in colors and textures until they transcend their human forms. Blickle will premiere her solo show, “The History of Magic, Part I… The Hermitage” at Eleanor Harwood Gallery in San Francisco this Friday, May 3. The works in the show take on a narrative aspect as they tell the tale of a mystical craftswoman on a mission to create an object that will change the world. Fittingly, the paintings will be displayed with ceramics created by Blickle to form altars around her 2D work. Take a look at some of the works in the show below and check out the exhibition May 3 – June 14.

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