Preview: Handiedan’s “Elegant Universe” at Thinkspace

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Amsterdam-based artist Handiedan has created a new body of work for her upcoming solo show in Thinkspace‘s project room, “Elegant Universe,” opening April 6. Literally deconstructing the pin-up girl, Handiedan melds seductive body parts with elements of sheet music, currencies, tattoo designs and cartoony doodles to create multi-layered imagery with the female figure at its core. Not a traditional collage artist, Handiedan adds a sculptural component to her work, stacking paper and incorporating wood and metal surfaces and baroque frames to bring her pieces into the 3D realm.

In addition to her upcoming solo show, Handiedan currently has work up in a group show at Musée La Halle Saint Pierre in Paris titled “Hey! Modern Art & Pop Culture II.” In the days leading up to her show at Thinkspace, she will be creating a diptych mural in Culver City. Take a look at our preview of the works in “Elegant Universe” to get a sense of the spectacular level of detail in these pieces, and make sure to check out the show April 6 – 27. Images courtesy of Handiedan.

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