Studio Visit with David M. Cook

by Tracy JonesPosted on

David M. Cook (featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 17) is the colorblind mastermind behind creatures that would go rage in the night if they were animated. Cook graciously gave Hi-Fructose a tour of his Brooklyn apartment and showed us his workspace. Right now he’s working on his upcoming show for Compound Gallery in Portland, Oregon. Continuing his “Playing Card Series,” Cook is taking the heads of each character and giving them full bodies. His painstakingly intricate drawings are joyously creepy and sadistically funny.

When asked if he thought Mickey Mouse was a member of the Illuminati, he said, “No,” but when trying to illustrate Mickey he asked himself, “How can I make Mickey as fucked up as possible?” Although he’s not sure if he actually believes in the Illuminati, he leaves his work open to interpretation. Cook is a self-taught artist who enjoys making art with his hands and has yet to use a computer to assist his efforts. Take a look at some photos from our studio visit below.

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