Opening Night: Allison Renshaw’s “Better Than Candy” at Mirus Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Allison Renshaw recently opened her solo show, “Better Than Candy,” at San Francisco’s Mirus Gallery. The new gallery’s first solo exhibition, “Better Than Candy” continues the thread of pop-inspired abstraction that has proven to be the recently-opened art space’s specialty. Renshaw presented a series of large canvases filled with nebula-like clouds of hand-cut collage elements and abstract brushstrokes. The different particles in each work appear to throttle out from a central point with dynamic motion. Take a look at our opening night photos from the show below and check out “Better Than Candy” before it closes on April 6.

Artist Allison Renshaw

Gallery owner Paul Hemming (right) and guests

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