Preview: Chambliss Giobbi’s “Se7n” at 101/exhibit

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Se7n: Sloth

Chambliss Giobbi aims to create images that describe psychological depth. Using an intricate and laborious collage technique, Giobbi’s works pursue an almost Cubist ambition of capturing their subject from multiple angles at once. But rather than the visual point of view, the subject’s ever-evolving psychological state is what fascinates Giobbi. He spends lengthy photo sessions with his models, printing dozens of photos of them and tearing them up to construct new figures that become exaggerated and distorted. Giobbi has a solo show titled “Se7n,” a series that explores the Seven Deadly Sins in Christianity, opening at 101/exhibit in Miami on December 4 to coincide with Art Basel. Take a look at some images from the show courtesy of 101/exhibit below.

Se7n: Pride

Se7n: Lust

Se7n: Greed (After Ingres)

Se7n: Gluttony (After Freud)

Se7n: Envy

Se7n: Wrath

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