Preview: The London Police at Corey Helford Gallery and Van Arno at CHG Circa

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Tomorrow, Corey Helford Gallery and its sister gallery CHG Circa will debut two solo shows, Van Arno’s “Ice Loves Rococo” at Circa and The London Police‘s “For Dogs Sake” at Corey Helford. Putting an offbeat pop culture spin on the aesthetics of the Baroque period, Van Arno‘s new works mix a Renaissance-era emphasis on figuration and blinged-out ornamentation with a surreal sense of humor (Grace Kelly, Grace Jones and Grace Slick, for instance, make an appearance in The Three Graces, pictured above). Meanwhile, The London Police will debut 14 new paintings that place canine friends of various breeds into their monochromatic, graphic world. Take a look at our preview of the new works below.

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