The Sweet, Sugary Psychedelia of Pip and Pop

by Kirsten AndersonPosted on

Australian artist duo Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz, under their moniker Pip and Pop, create magical installations out of brightly dyed sugar, glitter, and tiny cheap plastic toys. Created in a manner similar to Buddhist Sand Mandalas (whose profound impermanence of their time consuming compositions are meant to be a meditation on the transitory nature of life), Pip and Pop’s works jump to 3D territory, oozing past boundaries in a day glo riot of neon and sparkle. Infused with plenty of Kawaii spirit and pop psychedelia, and saturated in the fluorescent colors used in children’s toys and head shop posters, these playful yet meticulously-crafted islands of sugar speak to the ideas of material abundance and dreamy nostalgia of youth.

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