Sneak Peak at Andy Kehoe’s “Into the Depths”

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Aptly titled “Into the Depths,” Pittsburgh-based artist Andy Kehoe‘s upcoming solo show at Thinkspace features multi-layered works that create an illusion of a 3d ambiance. Minuscule characters venture into dark forests, where large beasts creep and glowing yellow eyes peer at the viewer.

Painted using a combination of oils and acrylics, the backgrounds of Kehoe’s works are softened by the foremost layers, inviting the viewer to search for the less-obvious details. Though cute and cartoonish, the paintings apprehend darker emotions, such as our instinctual fear of the uncertain. Take a look at some images from Kehoe’s studio and peek his process shots here, and make sure to stop by Andy Kehoe and Kelly Allen’s openings at Thinkspace on July 7.

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