SUGGESTIVISM NYC- Curated by Nathan Spoor

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Marco Mazzoni

Nathan Spoor has curated a show that opens May 10th- June 30th in New York’s Bold Hype gallery. Suggestivism, a century old term that has been used to describe writers and artists from the past such as Edgar Allen Poe and Georges Seurat. The contemporary concept of suggestivism according to Spoor, “does not center around claiming a title for giving any movement a name, but for introducing a common creative thread amongst several disparate and unique voices within the modern art world.” These select artists have intriguing and contemporary aesthetics that speak to the tides of our time.

This exhibition is a wonderful selection of new works by amazing artists including Chris Mars, Skinner, Chet Zar, Dan May, Nathan Ota, Jeff McMillan, Rod Luff, Sas Christian, Colin Christian, Joe Vaux, Bob Schneider, Mia, Naoto Hattori, Bob Dob, Tom Bagshaw, Jason Maloney, David Molesky, Darren LeGallo, Michael Page, Kevin Peterson, Thomas Doyle, Sandow Birk, Heidi Taillefer, Yevgeniya Mikhailik, Brendan Monroe, Annie Owens, Eric Althin, Jason Limon, Joey Remmers, Chandler Wood, Martin Wittfooth, Eric Richardson, Francesco LoCastro, Nathan Spoor, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Scott Scheidly, NC Winters, Christian Van Minnen, Winnie Truong, Julian Callos, Heiko Müller, and Marco Mazzoni. – Jane Kenoyer

Annie Owens

Rod Luff Nebula


Tom Bagshaw

Winnietruong State of Wait

Bob Dob

Mikhailik Yetis Blanket

Naoto Hattori Techno

Mia Sirens

Chandler Wood After the Movie

Nathan Ota Still Afloat

Jeff McMillan

Julian Callos Sin Eater

Jason Limon

Chet Zar

Scott Scheidly Thirst

Francesco LoCastro Marangoni

Heiko Face to Face

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