The Art of Leilani Bustamante

by Zach TutorPosted on

Leilani Bustamante‘s work cuddlesyou with it’s beauty and then whispers in your ear the nightmares andspectres that are just beyond the pale light. Growing up on theoutskirts of suburbia between Santa Rosa and Fort Bragg, California,Bustamante’s youth was full of contrasting images revolving aroundgrowth and the yet undeveloped rural areas near Fort Bragg. Thesepoints of views evolved into themes of decay versus growth and surfaceversus what is underneath, culminating in her artwork as darklyinviting images, full of mystery but also very full of life. You canview her work in her debut solo show, “Prey: New Works by LeilaniBustamante” opening August 20th at Modern Eden Galleryin San Francisco. – Zach Tutor

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