Hi-Fructose Vol. 19 Preview!

by Ken HarmanPosted on

We’re pleased to show you a preview of Hi-Fructose Volume 19. Our next installment will provide a bountiful serving for our readers, with in-depth articles on New Contemporary stalwarts and many fresh discoveries. It features: the captivating work of the pioneering Clayton Brothers, an interview with controversial Disasterwear® sculptor Charles Krafft by acclaimed director Morgan Spurlock, the rebirth of artist Blaine Fontana, the cut up sculptures of Christophe Roberts, the dreamscapes of Linza Feldman, the colliding styles of painter Colin Chillag, Elif Varol Ergen‘s startlingly aggressive images. We then “Revisit Babylon” with painter Martin Wittfooth, are over come by the awe-inspiring art of Wayne White, and discover the impressive painted collages of Kelly Allen. Plus! Hi-Fructose shines a Spotlight on the dynamic new work of painter Michael Page and review Kris Kuksi‘s new monograph, the Hi-Fructose Invitational and much more! Hi-Fructose Volume 19 is arriving on store shelves and mailboxes shortly. Click here to subscribe to Hi-Fructose!

Linza Feldman

The Clayton Brothers

Martin Wittfooth

Colin Chillag

Blaine Fontana

Elif Varol Ergen

Michael Page

Charles Krafft

Wayne White

Kelly Allen

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