The Art of Ted Vasin

by Ken HarmanPosted on

I Give Light – graphite, metallic acrylic on canvas – 48×48 inches

The portraiture of Ted Vasin is as compellingly disturbing as it seems technically awe inspiring. Utilizing an array of unconventional mediums for color, such as metallic acrylic, mica, and holographic glitter, this Russian artist’s mostly graphite works are as impressive in concept as they are in scale. Vasin, a former Artist in Residence for both the De Young and Palace of the Legion of Honor, was awarded the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant in 2006. He currently resides in San Francisco and is showing at the LIMN Art Gallery for their Spring Show.

New Odor – graphite, metallic acrylic on canvas – 48×48 inches

Poison Bliss – acrylic on canvas – 72×72 inches

Come As U R. Self Centered Doodle – graphite, metallic acrylic on canvas – 72×48 inches

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