Sweet Streets at Nucleus Gallery

by Rue GieselPosted on

Tonight’s Sweet Streets, an art show celebrating the unique Japanese street fashion scene and it’s cross-pollinating effect on art opens tonight. ” Adding their own creative touches by mixing old with the new while customizing andcombining the homemade with designer labels, their look result in the unexpected and avant-garde and in turncreated a truly diverse subculture.” Co-Curated by Caro, the event showcases work by Junko Mizuno (HF vol.1) , Lauren Gregg, Fawn Fruits, Yoko d’Holbachie (cover HF vol.6), Thomas Han, Australia’s Jeremyville, Mari Inukai, Tim Biskup (HF vol.2), Griselda Sastrawinata and many more. Don’t miss the opening tonight at Alhambra’s fantastic Gallery Nucleus which will be populated by Harajuku models, eccentric fashionistas, with live lolita painting by Thomas Han and Yuki Miyazaki, a special limited edition music sampler provided for attendees, and appearances by many of the show’s artists. See a preview selection of artworks from the show here. here.

Yoko d’Holbachie

Mari Inukai

Lauren Gregg

Griselda Sastrawinata

Fawn Fruits

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